Roadman Campers

motorcycles & small car Campers & Trailers


We are a family owned small company located 7 miles NW of Duluth MN. Our campers are made in the USA and only sell factory direct. We manufacture two camper sizes that can easily be used as a camper and a trailer plus we manufacture 2 cargo trailer sizes for those who like our style but don't want a camper. Our lightweight design can safely and easily be pulled with a motorcycle, trike or small car. The 38 inch wide trailer body matches standard width of most handlebars which allows the trailer to draft safely behind your motorcycle.


Our campers are not like others on the market, when you open the trailer cover it does not fold out or pop up into an instant camper. This is for 3 reasons: 1; loss of space inside and on top of the trailer due to the tent and mechanics- 2; there is added weight from the extra mechanics - 3; our campers are designed to be used as a camper and a trailer-Set up time is approximately 7 to 10  minutes.


The high quality, heavy duty Sunbrella tent is waterproof, stain resistance, fire retardant & mold resistant  All tent seams are double stitched for added strength. The 4 spacious windows and door have fully adjustable heavy duty zippers. The tent also has two inside pockets for small personal items, drip guards over the windows and a awning over the door with adjustable poles. Our tent is manufactured by Canvas Replacements in Loyal, WI


Roadman Campers LLC  5167 Caribou Lake Rd, Saginaw MN, 55779 - Ph# 218-729-9295