Our motorcycle camper can be used as a camper and a trailer. Its lightweight design can safely and easily be pulled with a motorcycle or small car.

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We have 2 camper models, a queen size and a full  size. Our motorcycle campers can be used as a camper and a trailer. Its lightweight design can safely and easily be pulled with a motorcycle or small car. The 38 inch wide trailer body matches standard width of most handlebars which allows the trailer to draft safely behind your motorcycle.


Our campers are not like others on the market, when you open the trailer cover it does not fold out or pop up into an instant camper. This is for 3 reasons: 1; loss of space inside and on top of the trailer due to the tent and mechanics- 2; there is added weight from the extra mechanics.-3; our campers are designed to be used as a camper and a trailer.

Set up time is approximately 7 minutes for one person. To use as a camper you simply flip open the trailer cover, fold down the attached leg and attach the additional leg to the trailer luggage rack. Set the poles in the holders and slip the tent over the poles. Velcro the tent onto main body and hook the S hooks to the lid.  To use as a trailer simply remove the bed platform, tent and pole bags. There are no bolts or clamps to remove.


The high quality, heavy duty canvas tent is waterproof and fire retardant. All tent seams are double stitched for added strength. The 4 spacious windows and door have fully adjustable heavy duty zippers. The tent also has two inside pockets for small personal items, drip guards over the windows and a awning over the door with adjustable poles. Our tent is manufactured by Canvas Replacements in Loyal, WI (click here for their history)


We also have a Roadman Trailer for those who like our camper but prefer only a trailer. Roadman Trailers are the same design as our campers without the tent equipment, bed board & stabilizer jacks. Our A.S Cargo Bag Trailer has a removable bag and can be pulled with a Motorcycle or ATV. It can be used for camping, hunting, fishing, travel & work.

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 Roadman Camper Video   Roadman Camper Video 

Camper & Trailer Accessories  Wheel Upgrades & Accessories 


 See camper & trailer pages for descriptions & prices 


  • 4  12"Aluminum wheel upgrades

  • 14"Aluminum wheel upgrades

  • Cooler rack package

  • 360 Swivel Hitch

  • Diamond plate running boards

  • Diamond plate rock guard

  • Spare tire and tire mount

  • Generator & mount

  • 2 gal gas storage & mount

  • 2 gal water storage & mount

  • Side marker lights

  • Amber light adapter

  • License plate light with holder


Roadman Campers- About US  About Us


We are a family owned, small home based company located by Saginaw MN (7 miles NE of Duluth) in the northeastern part of Minnesota. Our campers and trailers are made in the USA and to keep the prices down we only sell factory direct.

During the year of 2004 we researched motorcycle campers and found that most campers were very large, heavy and were difficult to pull. We found by talking with bikers that most of them didn't want to pull a huge camper. Instead they wanted a camper that they felt safe pulling. Many also liked the idea of motorcycle camper that can also be used as a cargo trailer.

After building our first motorcycle camper in the spring of 2005 we took it to rallies, campgrounds and to local motorcycle dealers for feedback. After receiving positive feedback we were very confident with our final design.


Motorcycle Camping Trailer  Current Production Time


Our Current production time is approximately  3 - 4 weeks ~ All campers and trailers are made to order with the options and upgrades you order.


Our motorcycle camper can be used as a camper and a trailer. Not only can you use it for camping, you can use it as a trailer.  It's a great way to carry items with you that can't be carried on your motorcycle. Use it for shopping, picnics, riding gear and much more.


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